Aircon Device Controller

Aircon Controller – Individual Device


  • From the main dashboard, tap on the aircon device you wish to control, and you will be directed to the virtual remote screen that gives you access to more aircon device settings. 
  • Temperature Control – Adjust temperature via the scroll wheel or by tapping on "-" and "+" buttons
  • More Settings
    • Tap on the gear icon at the top right to access more settings for your aircon device.
    • View insights, such as usage patterns of the device.
    • Set routines to schedule timings that automatically turn your device on/off.
    • Change your device name and locations.
    • Share your connected devices with others.

Modes and Other Settings


  • Toggle between different Aircon “Modes”, “Fan Speed”, and activate additional functions such as "Quiet" and "Turbo", and turn the aircon's LED indicator on or off.
    • Turbo Mode – Maximum fan speed to cool your room quickly
    • Quiet Mode – Minimum fan speed for a decreased noise level
    • LED Light – Turn on/off the LED display on the indoor unit (FCU)
  • Swing Mode – Up/Down and Left/Right

There are a total of 7 controls for this swing mode. 

You can cycle through each by tapping on the button repeatedly.

    • 5 "Fixed Positions" - each fixed "Swing" position shown in the app button reflects the actual "Swing" position in your aircon device.
    • 1 "Auto Swing" - Instructs your aircon device to swing up/down and left/right continuously
    • 1 "Off" - the aircon device swing will return to the default position and stop

Timer settings




  • Timer
    • Set the time you would like your aircon device to remain switched on for
    • Tap on "Start" and the timer will begin to countdown
    • Your Aircon Device will turn off at the end of the countdown
    • To stop the timer, simply tap on the “Timer” again, and tap on “Stop”
  • Routines
    • Set a routine for your aircon device to turn on/off automatically according to your preferred usage. 
    • Refer to the more detailed Routinesguide
  • More Settings
    • Tap on the "Settings" icon at the top right of the screen to access more settings for your aircon device.


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