Ceiling Fan Controller

Ceiling Fan Controller – Individual Device


  • From your "Main Dashboard", simply tap on the ceiling fan device that you would like to control and you will be directed to the "Virtual Remote" that provides you with more ceiling fan settings. 
  • Fan speed control – adjust the speed of the fan via the "Scroll Wheel" or by tapping on "-" and "+" buttons.
  • Toggle between ceiling fan "Modes” - “Normal", “Natural" and “Sleep" Functions.
  • Tap on “Forward” / “Reverse” to change the direction of the fan spin.
  • Toggle between “Off/On” to turn off or on the light of the ceiling fan.
  • Adjust the “Brightness” and the “Temperature” of the light via the slider.


Timer Settings


  • Timer
    • Set the time you would like your ceiling fan to remain switched on for
    • Tap on "Start" and the timer will begin to countdown
    • Your ceiling fan will turn off at the end of the countdown
    • To stop the timer, simply tap on the “Timer” again, and tap on “Stop”
  • Routines
    • Set a routine for your ceiling fan to turn on/off automatically according to your lifestyle
    • Refer to the more detailed Routinesguide
  • More Settings
    • Tap on the "Settings" icon at the top right of the screen to access to more settings for your ceiling fan
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