General Settings

The General Settings menu allows you to access the following functions:


  • Edit your profile
  • Routines Overview – Please refer to article on Routines
  • Geofencing Overview – Please refer to the article on Geofencing
  • Voice Assistant
  • Help
  • Report a Problem
  • Sign out

General App Settings

To access General App Settings, tap on the "Settings" icon at the bottom right of the Main Dashboard.


  • Tap on "Profile" to make changes with your full name or E-mail address.

Learn more



  • To learn more about the app and/or product you may go to our “Help” page.
  • To access the “Help” page, tap on the “Settings” icon on the bottom navigation bar.
  • Tap on “FAQ” to be directed to our website with articles to help with your queries.
  • Alternatively, you may get in touch with our team via Live Chat, Phone or Email.
  • To Delete your account, tap on "Help" and click on "Delete my account".

Report a problem


  • To report a problem and/or provide any app-related feedback, you may report it via our app.
  • Tap on “Report a Problem”.
  • Select the type of problem you would like to report on.
  • Enter the details and upload the supporting documents/media. 
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