👨‍🔧 What types of Servicing are offered for PRISM+ Air Conditioners? Can I service the aircon myself?

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General Servicing

PRISM+ Aircon technicians will disassemble some parts of the fan coil unit such as the fan coil, air filter and water tray to clean the unit. This is done to ensure that dust & debris that have been accumulated on the inner parts of the fan coil unit are thoroughly cleaned out.

  General servicing needs to be done 4 times a year, meaning once every 3 months.
Chemical Overhaul

Chemical overhaul is a chemical wash that will ensure the basic components of your aircon such as the air filters and coils are cleaned properly. The chemical used is a solution that is specifically formulated to recondition and restore the optimal functioning ability of an AC unit. The detergent will clear all the stubborn dirt, oil & dust stuck in the system. This helps to prevent the growth of substances such as mould, which would have detrimental effects on your health.

  Only done in the worst case scenario when the problem cannot be solved using basic servicing. It may damage and shorten the lifespan of the compressor unit.
Pressure Test

A pressure test is required to determine the exact point where the gas is leaking. It is mainly required if your aircon is faulty and not blowing cold air. The procedure of the pressure test is to pump nitrogen dioxide into the copper pipes, fan coil unit and condensing unit of the air conditioning system. By monitoring the gas levels over a period of time and noting drops in gas level, we can identify the particular copper pipe of the air conditioning that is leaking gas.

  Mainly done when a leak occurs to determine which part of the system is leaking. Done when customers want to patch up the leak instead of changing the piping system or FCU and compressor.
Top-up Gas (Refrigerant)
A. When there is air blowing out of the fan coil units but it is not cold

If the air coming out of all the fan coil units are not cold but the compressor is still running, you most likely need a gas top-up. PRISM+ Aircon technicians will check the evaporator coil of your indoor unit, if there is any sign of coldness, its is a sign of insufficient gas pressure. However, if your aircon compressor is not running, you might need an Air Conditioner repair instead.

B. Fan coil unit is blowing out air, but air is not cold enough

If you can feel that your aircon is cold, but not cold enough, it might indicate that your air conditioner needs a gas top-up. Usually, Aircon technicians will not check the gas level of every house they service. They will feel the cooling coil of the evaporator coil. If the bottom half is not cold enough, it is usually indicating that the gas is not running at desired pressure, they will usually proceed to check on the aircon gas.

  You would need to top-up Aircon gas every 1 to 3 years. It could also be done every 6 months, due to the miniscule leaks that are inevitable in every Aircon system.
Spare Parts Replacement

Air Conditioners could eventually spoil and this is most likely due to wear and tear of their individual components such as the compressor, thermistor, evaporator etc. Therefore, you would require regular servicing and maintenance of them to keep them in the best condition. The cost of having routine repairs could be costly, therefore some consumers would opt for a cheaper option which is a spare parts replacement.

Air Conditioner Replacement

Entire unit replacement is done when the units are beyond repair.

  Can I service the aircon myself?

Although cleaning and washing of the fan coil unit filters and and covers can be done by yourself, its best to contact PRISM+ Support for assistance, so that we can deploy our technicians to ensure that the units are thoroughly checked and in good working condition.

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