🧰 Why is the Air Conditioner not cold?

As there are many reasons why the indoor fan coil unit is not producing cold air, a technician visit is required to isolate where the issue lies.

Here are the possible reasons why the Air Conditioner may not be cold:

1. The Air con parts are dirty
Dirty filter.jpg
Image of a dirty filter
  • Such as Filter, Blower (Fan) and Coil - these parts may be too dirty, you can check if your aircon is blowing out cold air. If it is blowing out air but the air seems to be very weak, it may be time for servicing.
2. Insufficient compressor gas/Leakage of refrigerant
Image of damaged insulation with leakage
  • Your aircon might have a leakage of refrigerant if it is blowing air but the air is ambient temperature or not cold enough.
  • You can try to set a lower temperature to check if the same issue still persists.
3. Air con mode could be set wrongly
  • Check the mode that the Air Conditioner is on, ensure that is not on heating mode.
  • You may try the same mode on the other indoor units to ensure if the issue persists on the other unit
4. Air con components could be defective
  • Check if the aircon can be turned on or if the aircon is blowing out air
  • Some parts that could be defective are thermistor or PCB
  • New Air Conditioners tend to send an error code and stop working completely when it detects a faulty hardware, you would need to check with a technician
5. Outdoor condenser is dirty, therefore unable to produce the cooling refrigerant
  • Our servicing technician will advise if the condenser unit require a general or chemical servicing


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