🧰 Why is the Air Conditioner leaking water?

"Typically, a blockage in the drainage pipe is the cause of water leakage. As such, the Air Conditioner requires generic servicing. However, there could be other factors affecting the unit (e.g Poor Installation, Wear & Tear of the Air Conditioner). Please contact PRISM+ Support for more information."

Here are the possible reasons why the Air Conditioner may be leaking:

1. Clogged drainage pipe
  • The drainage pipe is the one that receives the condensation from the drain pan and sends the excess out.
  • The drain pipe could clog with dirt due to a lack of cleaning causing a backflow of water collected in the drainage tray.
  • This will require servicing to clean and clear the clog in the drainage pipe.
2. Wear & Tear of the Air Conditioner
  • The normal depreciation of Aircon over time.
3. Damaged Drain Pan
  • The drain pan is used to collect the condensate once it overflows which will lead to your aircon leaking.
  • Damage could occur and resulting in the water tray having gaps that may cause the condensate to leak.
4. Elevated drainage pipe outlet
  • If the drainage pipe outlet is elevated, the water will flow back into the pipe instead of it being released out via the outlet. Do check if your outlet is elevated as it could be a possible cause of the leak.
5. Dirty Air Filter
  • This could block the air flow of the evaporator coil causing it to freeze, therefore, when it melts, water will leak out from your aircon.
  • You can try to remove the air filter by washing it with water and place it back to see if it resolves the issue.
6. Poor Maintenance
  • Air Conditioners require regular servicing to function optimally, therefore the aircons need to be constantly cleaned every 3 to 4 months if not it could be prone to water leakage.
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