🧰 Why is my Air Conditioner compressor leaking water?

This is a common phenomenon from the condenser. The water leak from the condenser is a result from the condensation of the condenser. Click on the options below to know more.
Do I need a water tray?
A water tray is not necessary when the external outdoor condenser is installed. It is only required when the neighbours below complain or when HDB issues you a letter.

In the case that you are issued with a letter from HDB or informed by your neighbours, you may contact PRISM+ Support for the installation of the Water Tray. 

*Please note that the water tray is an additional feature and will incur an extra charge.
Do I need to clear the water tray myself when the water gets full?
Please do not attempt to clear the water tray yourself, as you may endanger yourself. At the corner of the water tray, there is a hole which is connected to a pipe to drain the water should the tray become full.

Rest assured, that mosquitos will not breed there as the water will consistently be cleared through the pipe.
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