🧰 How come the Air Conditioner has no power?

If you are unable to switch on the Indoor Fan Coil Unit via the remote control, kindly check if:

The MCB Breaker is tripped
Image of DB box

This is located at where all your main power switches of the house is, it can be located near your main door.
AC isolator or power is on
This is a switch which is usually located near the outdoor compressor, you can take a look outside just to ensure that the switch is on.
If MCB is not tripped and the Air Conditioner is powered on already, it could be due to these factors:
  1. Faulty wiring
  2. Faulty PCB either indoor or outdoor
If you can power it on by manually pressing the button, the receiver sensor at the indoor Fan Coil Unit is faulty.
Other potential reasons could be:
  1. Lack of electricity being supplied to the unit
  2. Loose wiring
  3. Malfunctioned panel

Please do not attempt to resolve it on your own, do contact PRISM+ support for assistance!




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