📌 What is trunking for Air Conditioner installation?

Aircon trunking

  • Refer to the white casing that covers the aircon piping of the unit. It is made of PVC that acts as a protective layer between the aircon & the area outside of it. This preserves the lifespan of the aircon and lowers the maintenance costs.      
  • They vary in different sizes, depending on how many indoor units you have for installation as the more indoor units you have the more materials required to fit inside the trunking therefore a bigger size trunking would be required to contain these materials.

Why is the trunking molding?

  • The molding occurs due to condensation, kindly switch on the fan a slightly larger to dissipate the cold air. You can also check if the air is still smoothly blowing out of the Air Conditioner. 

Can installation be done without the use of trunking?

Yes, installation without the use of trunking is possible. There are 2 ways to run copper piping:

  1.  Exposed (by trunking)
  2.  Concealed (inside the false ceiling or walls)

However, we strongly advise using trunking as it will be easier to find and resolve any possible faults.

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