PRISM+ Connect Aircon Pairing Guide



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Entire process


Make sure the following settings are enabled before proceeding to Step 1.

- Ensure mobile phone is connected to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi

- Ensure bluetooth is enabled on the mobile phone 


          1. Open "PRISM+ Connect app"
          2. Click on the top right "+" icon and select "PRISM+ Zero".
          3. Using the aircon remote controller, point it directly at your Aircon device, followed by pressing and holding both the "Mode" + "Wi-Fi" buttons on the remote controller until you hear a beep which will prepare the Aircon device to be paired.
          4. Select your home/office Wi-Fi network that you want the Aircon device to connect to.
          5. Please wait for 2 minutes while the Aircon is connecting.  If you are already connected, you may click on "Skip".
          6. Once the app has found the Aircon device on your network, you should receive a pop-up prompt to connect to your aircon device hotspot network.
          7. Once connected to your aircon Wi-Fi hotspot, you will receive another pop-up prompt to connect to your Home/Office Wi-Fi network.
          8. Once pairing is successful, you will be prompted to enter a name for your aircon.
            Tip: Give your aircon a name that is uniqiue and easily pronounced for ease of use with voice commands later.
          9. If this is your first time pairing your aircon, you will be prompted to create a new "Location" where this paired aircon is installed at.
            (eg. Kitchen. If you have already set up locations prior you can select the location the aircon is installed at and you can now control the Aircon device using the PRISM+ Connect App!)
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