PRISM+ Aura application introduction

Air Purifier Controller – Individual Device


  • From the main dashboard, tap on the air purifier device you wish to control, and you will be directed to the virtual remote screen that gives you access to more air purifier device settings. 
  • PM 2.5 Air Quality Index – Based on the reading it will tell you what is the current Air Quality in your room.
    0-75 = Good
    75-150 = Average
    150 & above = Poor 
  • Filter Health - Indicator to show your current filter health.
  • More Settings
    • Tap on the gear icon at the top right to access more settings for your air purifier device.
    • View insights, such as usage patterns of the device.
    • Resetting your filter state
    • Change your device name and locations.
    • Share your connected devices with others.

Modes and Other Settings


  • Toggle between different Air Purifier “Modes”, “Fan Speed”. 
    • Auto Mode – On this mode will allow the Air Purifier to adjust and adapt the fan speed between the 3 other modes depending on the air quality of the environment.
      (Users will only be able to select this mode via the App.)
    • Low Mode – Minimum fan speed for a decreased noise level.
      (Used when PM2.5 levels are between 0-74.)
    • Medium Mode – Balanced profile which strikes a balance between fan speed and noise level. (Used when PM2.5 levels are between 75-149.)
    • High Mode - Usually used when air quality is in critical levels when PM2.5 levels are 150 and above. Fan noise will be loud in this mode.
    • Night Mode - When Night Mode is turned on, the fan speed will be set to Low and indicator lights will be turned off. This is a mode to reduce distractions for when users are sleeping.
  • Light – Toggles the indicator lights on the PRISM+ Aura on/off.

Timer settings




  • Timer
    • Set the time you would like your air purifier device to remain switched on for
    • Tap on "Start" and the timer will begin to countdown
    • Your Air Purifier Device will turn off at the end of the countdown
    • To stop the timer, simply tap on the “Timer” again, and tap on “Stop”

Routine settings




  • Routines
    • Set a routine for your air purifier device to turn on/off automatically according to your preferred usage. 
    • Refer to the more detailed Routinesguide
  • Reminders (Under Routines)
    • Creating a reminder will trigger a notification on the phone as shown in the above images
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