Why is my air purifier not pairing with the PRISM+ Connect application?

This is an article for customers with our PRISM+ Air Purifiers who are having difficulties pairing the device to the PRISM+ Connect application. The following troubleshooting step may help to identify the issue:


A 2.4GHz or 2.4GHz/5GHz Dual Band Wi-Fi is required for the application pairing to be successful.

To check if the Wi-Fi is 2.4GHz band compatible or if other factors are preventing the pairing from happening, a mobile hotspot test can be done.


What is needed for the hotspot test? 

- Device A with PRISM+ Connect application downloaded (e.g. Mobile, iPad or tablet)

- Device B with mobile data for the hotspot is available (e.g. Mobile, iPad or tablet)

- PRISM+ Air Purifier


(kindly ensure that you have logged in to your PRISM+ Connect account and PRISM+ Air Purifier plugged in before proceeding with step 1)


          1. Turn on the hotspot setting on Device B
            For Apple users - to enable "Maximise Compatibility"

            For Android users - to pick 2.4Ghz under AP band
          2. Connect Device A to Device B's hotspot
          3. Open the "PRISM+ Connect" application on Device A
          4. Click on the top right "+" icon and select the air purifier model that you are pairing with and follow the instructions on the application screen.
          5. On the PRISM+ Connect application, select the same hotspot to which Device A is connected to and key in the hotspot password.
          6. Please wait for 2 minutes while the Air Purifier is pairing with your PRISM+ Connect application.
          7. Once pairing is successful, you will be prompted to enter a name for your air purifier.
            Tip: Give your air purifier a name that is unique and easily pronounced for ease of use with voice commands later.
          8. If this is your first time pairing your air purifier, you will be prompted to create a new "Location" where this paired air purifier is installed at.
            (eg. Kitchen. If you have already set up locations prior you can select the location on where you want the air purifier to at on the application and you can now control the Air purifier device using the PRISM+ Connect Application!)


If the mobile hotspot pairing is successful, here are the possible reasons why the application pairing initially failed:

  • The Wi-Fi connection is not 2.4GHz band or limited by router setting
    • Check if there's a Wi-Fi name without 5.0G or with 2.4G available for connection
    • To check the router setting or approach the broadband provider for assistance
  • The placement of the PRISM+ Air Purifier is far/blocked from the router
    • Relocate the PRISM+ Air Purifier to a location with a better Wi-Fi signal


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