Singtel CAST FAQs

What is CAST?

CAST is a unique video streaming platform that combines the flexibility of LIVE TV and video streaming apps with on-demand entertainment all in one platform, according to your needs.

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Q: Who is eligible for this promotion?

This is only eligible for TV purchases made from 8 Feb 2024 onwards.


Q: How long will the free trial last for after successful redemption?

Free trial content will last for 90 days from the date of redemption.


Q: I am eligible for the Singtel CAST subscription. When and how can I get the redemption code?

Within 2 working days after your TV has been delivered, you will receive an SMS from "PRISMPLUS" with a link to fill in your details and confirmation of your active email address.


Upon submission of the details, your Singtel CAST redemption code will be sent to your designated email address within the next working day!


Q: I have submitted the form but did not receive any email.

If it has been more than 2 working days, kindly assist in checking your Junk or Spam folders first.

In the event, that you are still unable to locate the email, do reach out to our friendly customer support team via here with your details.


Q: Do I need a separate Singtel box or any additional equipment to access the content?

No! CAST is positioned as a box-free entertainment with a hassle-free setup. After you have redeemed the code from your CAST account, simply download the CAST app from the TV's Google app store to start enjoying!


Q: How to redeem the entertainment pack?

Please refer to more details here.


Q: I have already subscribed to CAST entertainment packs, can I redeem this free trial using the same CAST account?
Please create a new CAST account using a different email address to enjoy this free 90 days subscription!


Q: If I purchased more than 1 TV, can I redeem all the codes using the same CAST account?

Kindly create a new CAST account for each redemption code.

For instance if you have purchased 3 TVs, please create 3 different CAST accounts for the codes redemption.


Q: How long does it take to activate the subscribed pack?

Subscriptions will take up to 4 hours for activation. Kindly re-login to view the subscription. 


Q: Does it require any Credit or Debit Card details for redemption?

There will not be any prompts or requirements for card details during this redemption. 



Q: How to check the start date and type of plan that was activated?

(i) Login to CAST and click on “My Account” logo.

(ii) Click on "Subscriptions" under Purchases section and the details will be shown.


Q: Will I be charged once the free trial ends?

Not to worry! You are not required to deactivate the subscription before the end of the trial.
The selected pack will be automatically removed from the account once the trial period ends.

Singtel may just follow up with an email with more information in case you are interested to continue enjoying the content. For any subscription queries on packages and charges after the end of the trial period, please contact Singtel at 1688 or submit an enquiry via this page.


Q: I’m having technical issues viewing or accessing the CAST contents, who should I contact?

Please contact Singtel at with the following details and they will respond within 3 working days:

(1) Name, (2) CAST ID, (3) Details of issue, (4) Devices and models used to access CAST, (5) Packs subscribed and any relevant information.

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