Refrigerator FAQs


Product Related
  1. Can we purchase an extra ice box/egg tray/glass panels as spares?
    Thanks for your interest! Currently, the spare components are not available for sale. However do continue to watch our webpage for any new launches or updates!
  2. How long is the power cable?
    The power cable is approximately 1.8m in length
  3. At it's normal (unadjusted) height, what's the height from floor to base of fridge?
    For top mount freezer models: Approximately 25mm
    For side by side: Approximately 35mm
  4. What is the maximum angle that the refrigerator doors can be opened?
    For top mount freezer models: 135 degrees
    For side by side: 140 degrees


Installation Related
  1. How much space allowance is required for the refrigerator?
    • The recommendation is to have a 5cm allowance from the top, back, and both sides.
  1. What if the ground is not level, is there anything that can be done?
    • Do not worry! There are adjustable legs located at the front for adjustments (applicable for all models).
  2. How high can the refrigerator legs be adjusted?
    • Approximately maximum of 10mm.
  3. What happens if the refrigerator is unable to fit through the main or kitchen door?
    • The installer will be able to remove and reinstall the door (charges apply). If the situation requires, it is recommended to remove the refrigerator door.
    • To arrange for this, kindly reach out to our friendly customer support officers via here.


Disposal Related
  1. Does the customer need to request in advance to dispose of their existing refrigerator?
    • No, it is not required to request before delivery. Installers will help to dispose of the old refrigerator on the same day of delivery.
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