How to reset PRISM+ Aura's filter health percentage after a filter change?


After changing the old filter to the new filter, you will find that the filter health percentage does not revert back to 100% automatically. This is because a filter health percentage reset has to be done on the Aura after the filter change.


Step 1: Configuration on Air Purifier

      1. Turn off the PRISM+ Aura

      2. Switch off the power/unplug the adapter of the PRISM+ Aura for at least 5 seconds before switching it back on/plugging back the adapter.
      3. The PRISM+ Aura will automatically turn on with a click, and quickly turn the sphere downwards all the way down until you hear a click without touching the power button.

      4. Hold onto the power button until you hear a beep sound (roughly 5 seconds) and let go.

      5. Tap on the power button and the PRISM+ Aura again to turn on with an "open eye" emoji
        (all LEDs turned on and blinking)

      6. The PRISM+ Aura filter health % is now at 0% and is ready for reset if the above steps are followed correctly.


Step 2: Reset filter health

After completing Step 1 you can now reset the filter health percentage back to 100% by using either of the following methods

Method #1

Reset setting via PRISM+ Connect Application

Go to device settings > “Filter reset” > “Confirm” Done
Method #2

Manual reset on the Air Purifier

Hold onto the button in between the eyes until you hear 2 beeps! > Done


Once the following steps are completed, you should see that the filter health percentage is back at 100% again. 

For video guidance, you may click on the following link from 5:54 onwards:

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