Tips to get started on your Refrigerator

What to do after your refrigerator has been installed:

  • Wait for 4 hours before you turn on the new refrigerator 
  • To ensure proper food storage, before placing any food items inside the new refrigerator wait 24 hours after turning on the refrigerator.
  • We recommend using Super Freeze or Power Cool mode occasionally only as these modes are designed for quick bursts of coldness, not continuous operation

A few things that can affect how long it actually takes for a refrigerator's temperature to be fully cold:

  • The grocery haul: A refrigerator full of goodies will take longer to cool down than an empty one.
  • Door duty: Every time you open the door, warm air sneaks in, slowing down the cooling process. So, try to minimize those refrigerator peeks while it chills down.

Food storage tips: 

  • Start slow and steady: Aim to fill your fridge about 2/3rds full initially. Remember, keeping food and beverages cold is easier than just air. This is especially true since cold air escapes every time you open the door.
  • Leave room to breathe: Avoid packing your fridge to the brim. Air circulation is important for maintaining consistent coolness, especially around the vents in the back. These vents remove warm air, so blocking them can cause problems.
  • Freezer drawer airflow: The same goes for freezers. Don't stuff items right up to the top as it can restrict airflow and lead to frost build-up.

Recommended refrigerator temperature: 

  • For Top-Mount refrigerator
    • Fridge: ~2℃
    • Freezer knob can be set at "Colder" setting 
  • For Side-By-Side refrigerator 
    • Fridge: ~3℃
    • Freezer: ~-19℃
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