Why is my webcam and microphone not working on X450 PRO?

If you find your device not detecting or showing an option to enable the webcam or the microphone on your X450 PRO. You may want to check on the following:

  • The monitor is connected to the device using a USB-C connection
  • If the PC/Laptop does not have a USB-C connection, use the included USB A-to-B cable to connect to the device 

The above will allow your PC/Laptop to be detected as HDMI and DisplayPort connections are only able to transmit data for display.


If you have done the above steps but the webcam and microphone are still not working, kindly check the physical buttons on the monitor. 

  • #1: Camera toggle button - To ON/OFF
  • #4: Microphone toggle button - To ON/OFF

If the camera is turned on but you only see a black screen on the display, it might not be "popped up" yet. To pop the webcam up, gently press on the middle top of the monitor.

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