FAQs on 90 days Viu Premium Trial



Q: I am a current Viu Premium user, can i enjoy the offer?

Yes, if you are an existing Viu Premium user, you can enjoy offers such as the free trial. Open the app on the Viu app on the TV and select "start your 30-day free trial now!" option, and create a new viu account with a different email address. This will ensure that you get a free trial. 

To activate the remaining 60 days trial, use a mobile device or computer and go to https://www.viu.com/ott/sg/ and log in to the same VIU account that has the 30 days trial activated


Click on Redeem Code


Enter the redemption code you have received 


Q: I have activated my TV free trial without a registered Viu account and have decided to subscribe to a Viu Premium plan, how do I go about doing so?

Users may access the “Profile” menu item and click on the “Register Now” button to complete the user registration process at any time during the free trial period.



Q: I forgot to activate the 90 days free trial and have already logged in to my Premium account, is there any way to activate the free trial again?

Unfortunately, there is currently no option for users to activate the free trial again if they have missed out the step to activate the 90 days free trial.


Q: When does my free trial period end?

Users may find the expiry of the free trial date indicated at the bottom of the Viu TV app.


Q: How to cancel my free trial?

There is currently no option for users to cancel the free trial, the free trial will automatically lapse after its validity.


Q: Why is there a loading/buffering error appearing on my TV?

Please check that the TV is connected to the internet via WiFi/LAN, and also attempt to restart your internet router. If the problem persist do contact Viu's customer service for assistance via email enquiry.sg@viu.com


Q: I am a Viu Premium member, but I am not able to connect to my Smart TV

It may be because you have logged into a free account on the Viu mobile app, which is why you are unable to connect to the Smart TV.

Below are the various login methods to access the Viu app:

  1. Facebook login
  2. Email login
  3. Apple ID login
  4. Login via telco (Singtel CAST or M1).

For instance, you may have purchased a Viu Premium subscription and logged in to your Viu Premium account using the Facebook login method, but logged in using the email login method on your TV instead, hence, your account will be reflected as a free account instead of a Viu Premium account.


If the problem persist, please send an to email enquiry.sg@viu.com directly.

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