Extended Warranty FAQ

Why do I need the PRISM+ Extended Warranty?

All electrical products are prone to electrical and mechanical failures, no matter how rare they are. Repairs can be cumbersome, inconvenient, and expensive if your product is outside of the manufacturer warranty. Having an PRISM+ Extended Warranty for your purchase provides peace of mind savings from an unexpected fault.

What faults am I protected against?

All mechanical and electrical faults that prevent your product from operating the way it was designed.

What faults are not covered?

Your cover does not include any faults caused by physical damage, product misuse or using the product outside PRISM+'s guidelines. Also, it does not cover products that have incurred a fault due to electrical surges and software issues. For a complete list of exclusions please refer to our Terms and Conditions on the Extended Warranty Plan information page.

How long does an Extended Warranty Plan cover?

PRISM+ Extended Warranty Plans cover your product for a maximum up to 5 years (inclusive of original warranty).

Where can I purchase the Extended Warranty Plan?

All PRISM+ Extended Warranty Plans can be purchased during checkout if the product is eligible. Do note that we are currently only offering the Extended Warranty Plan for our Android TVs only.

When will my Extended Warranty Plan coverage start?

Your PRISM+ Extended Warranty Plan will start immediately upon expiry of your product's original warranty.

How do I make a claim?

Please drop us an email at support@prismplus.sg.  We operate daily from 9AM-11PM and 365 days a year.

Is the Extended Warranty Service Plan Transferrable to a second owner?

If you sell or transfer your Product to another consumer within the warranty period, you must provide the original email receipt to another consumer in order to transfer this Contract.

What information should I have before making a claim?

We require a copy of your product's purchase receipt. Please also have ready your product serial number, along with your personal details (name, contact information) for verification.

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