Atome Sign Up FAQ

Registration eligibility

- User must be between 18 - 70 years old

-Hold a valid NRIC/visit or work pass

-Personal information entered  MUST be same as stated on identification card - account will be rejected if inaccurate personal information is entered

-Credit card spend limit is capped at $6,000 and $1,000 for debit cards



App installation

Please download the app on the iOS app store/Google Play store before following this guide! 

1. Click “Verify now” at “me” tab


2. Insert credit card info


3. Registration process - Singpass Myinfo (prefered) or manual entry


4. Upload photo ID


5. The Atome app will process your sign up and you should be ready to start paying in no time!


Still having issues signing up? Refer to the Atome Payment Errors guide for more assistance.





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