Atome Payment FAQ

How to checkout with Atome on
(Please refer to the guide here for atome app sign up instructions.)

Website Checkout (Using desktop browser)

1. Choose the items that you wish to purchase and add them to cart on

1. Choose the items that you wish to purchase and add them to cart on

2. Click the Checkout button to proceed with payment


3. Key in your contact information and shipping address.


4. Select applicable shipping method. Do also double check your shipping address and input any applicable PRISM+ promotion code and click continue to payment.


5. Select the Atome option and click the complete order button.


6. You will be redirected to this page. Please open the atome app on your mobile device and click the scan the QR code to process the order. Ensure that you select "Pay using app" to apply the vouchers, "Continue in browser" option will not allow you to apply Atome vouchers.


7. On the app, you will be redirected to the payment confirmation page. Do check if you have any Atome voucher that is applicable and verify the installment terms. Once done you may click the pay button.


8. Once payment is confirmed, you will be redirected back to the order confirmation page on PRISM+. Sit tight while we get your items ready!

Mobile Checkout (Using mobile devices (iOS/Android)

6. Follow steps 1 to 5 for the website checkout, and continue directly within the Atome app for payment by clicking the pay now button.


7. You will be redirected on the Atome app if you have installed it, and select pay using app


8. You will be redirected onto the Atome app automatically if you have installed the app and completed the registration . Review the amount payable for each installment and also apply any Atome vouchers that are applicable such as the new user voucher!


9. Confirm the payment method that you would like to use.


10. Check if you have any applicable Atome vouchers, or redeem your Atome points where applicable by clicking the Atome+ option. Click confirm once you are done and you will be returned the the payment page, and just click the Pay button to complete the payment.


11. Once paid successfully, you will see a purchase successful page and you will be redirected back to PRISM+. Your order has now been placed, sit tight while we get it to you!


Still having issues with Atome payment? Refer to the Atome Payment Errors for more assistance.


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