Atome Payment Errors

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1. Customer account registration error


Potential causes:

  • User is already registered using the same NRIC/FIN number or email  address. One user can only create one Atome account.
  • The personal information submitted to Atome is inconsistent. For  example, the name entered is different from the Identification Card.
  • Documents required for submission is faulty or unclear. Image capture of the card is unclear or the card is cracked/defaced.
2. Payment processing issues


Cause: Atome detects a payment risk with the card added to the account

Solution: The card is being used with another account therefore, the customer must add a new debit/credit card.

Cause: Customer has already spent beyond their eligible spending limit or, have overdue payments

Solution: The customer must ensure all overdue or ongoing payments are made before making a new purchases.

3. Payment card issues


Cause: Customer has insufficient balance in the account


  • Please ensure there is sufficient cash is in account before confirming payment again
  • Otherwise, please change to another debit/credit card and try again
Facing other issues?

If you are still unable to complete payment via Atome, do contact them by sending an email to Alternatively you may refer to the official Atome FAQ via their app:


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