Does the Nomad portable monitor have a touch screen feature?

The touchscreen function is only available on the Nomad PRO 16 and the Nomad Ultra 16, and it also depends on the operating system of the device which it is connected to such as Windows/ Mac OSX/ iOS/ Android (not available on Nomad 16).



Please ensure that you connect the monitor to your PC via the included USB-C to USB-C display cable for the touchscreen to work properly.
This is because the HDMI connection standard does not support touch function.



Mac OSX does not support touchscreen gestures and therefore the monitor will not support it. However, basic touch to click function is supported but the user experience will not be as seamless.



You are able to connect your iOS device to the Nomad portable monitors to duplicate the screen via a MFI certified lightning to AV adaptor using the included HDMI to mini HDMI cable. However, touch screen functions will not work on the Nomad portable monitor.



You are able to connect supported* Android devices to the Nomad portable monitors using the included USB-C to USB-C cable, most major flagship Android devices will support touch functionality on external monitors but please check with the device manufacturer for compatibility information.

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