Q Series Android TV Remote Guide

Basic Functions Bluetooth Pairing Streaming Apps Google Assistant Control Volume Local Channel / Program Switching
  1. Power Turn the TV on or to standby/off mode.
  2. Mute: Mute or restore the TV Sound
  3. Number buttons (0~9): Select the channel directly, or input a number.
  4. SOURCE: Select the input source
  5. INFO: Access the INFO interface.
  6. MENU: Access the menu of quick settings.
  7. HOME: Access the home page.
  8. Navigating Buttons: Navigate the menu to select the content you need.
  9. OK: Confirm, enter or execute the selected item, or show the list of Quick Button.
  10. EXIT: Exit the current operation.
  11. BACK: Return to upper-level content, or exit the current screen.
  12. Application Buttons: Access specific applications directly.
  13. ***Teletext Buttons***
    - TEXT: Access or exit the teletext menu
    - Reveal: Display
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