Pace Sign Up Guide

Registration eligibility

  • User must be 18 years old and above
  • Before using the services, you'll need the following:
      • A National issued ID
      • A local mobile number
      • A valid email address
      • Credit or debit card issued by a financial institution

App Installation


Please download the Pace app on the iOS app store/Google Play store before following this guide!


Step-by-step instructions

1. Click on “create an account or login now”



2. Enter your mobile phone number and click on “Get Code”



3. Enter the 6-digit code that was sent to your mobile.



4. Enter your email address and check the box to agree on Terms of Service.

“Enter Referral Code” is optional. This is Only if you have been given the referral code by your friend/family members/colleagues etc.

If you do not have any referral code, it’s perfectly fine! Just click on “Continue” to proceed.



5. Check your email for the verification code & enter it here.

(If unable to see the email in Inbox, do check your Spam or Junk folder as well)



6. Verify your identity via Singpass Myinfo (preferred) Or your ID.


  • For ID verification, please note the following:
    • Accepted document
    • Follow the on-screen guide to scan the Front & Back of your ID 

    • Thereafter, there's also a requirement to take a picture of your face 

pace7.png   pace8.png


7. Once the identity verification is completed, you will be directed back to the Pace Home Page!

  • You will also receive an email from Pace after the successful registration.


> If the identity verification attempt was unsuccessful, please click here

> However if the registration is unsuccessful, please refer to more information here

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