Pace FAQs


1. Why is my registration unsuccessful?

Please click here for more information.


2. What if I am unable to go through identity verification on the web?

If you are encounter any issues going through the identity verification process on the web, please download Pace mobile app to proceed instead.


3. Can I register the same Credit/ Debit card for different Pace accounts (e.g. for my family members)?

Please note that one (1) card can only be tagged to (1) Pace account. Hence please use another Credit/ Debit card if the same card has already been added to another Pace account before.


1. What is "Pace Buy Limit"?

It is the maximum amount of purchases a customer can spread across 60 days to pay with Pace. It is determined by factors such as guidelines by local governing authorities, the selected payment method, and the number of purchases that still have unpaid instalments.

To determine your Pace Buy Limit, download the Pace app from the app store and create account/login. Thereafter, you will be able to see "Buy Limit" at the top left corner on the Home page. Click on it to show your Buy Limit amount.



2. Can I make purchase above my "buy limit"?

If the price of your purchase is above the allocated Buy Limit, you can complete the transaction by paying the difference upfront. 

For an example, if your Pace Buy Limit is $500 and your purchase amount is $800, here's how Pace spreads your instalments:

1st instalment 2nd instalment 3rd instalment
$300 - Charged upfront on purchase date

3. Can I pay all the installments in one shot or choose to pay earlier?

You will need to complete the purchase via the payment link first (which means allowing for the first instalment payment to be deducted).


After which, you can choose to pay in full in your Pace app via the following steps:

 1) Login to Pace app

 2) Click on Purchases Icon at the bottom of the Home page

 3) Select the transaction that you want to pay in full or earlier

 4) Click on 'Pay early' and under 'Choose amount to pay', select according to the type of payment that you want to proceed for 

- Or, if you already have a planned amount in mind, select 'Custom amount' and enter the figure that you would like to pay in advance


        pppayfirst1.png      pppayfirst.png        


4. I have registered my Credit/ Debit card successfully, but why the transaction can't be processed?

Kindly help to check that your card has been enabled for online payment. For Debit card, please ensure that there are sufficient funds for the first payment.

For other payment error where you're unable to complete the purchase, please click here

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