Why does my television has a popping or cracking noises when it is just switched on for a while or after turning off?

Hearing popping or cracking noises when the TV is just switched on for a while or after turning off may sound like something is wrong with it. However, these are completely harmless and will not affect the functionality of the TV. 


TVs use a combination of metal and plastic material. These materials are subject to expansion and contraction due to temperature changes. The popping or cracking noise that you are hearing is mostly caused by the TV outer case when it expands and contracts. Occasional creaking, popping, or cracking sounds may be heard. This is not a defect with the TV.


Here are some tips that may help to reduce the sound:

Clear Some Space for Ventilation

  • If there is no space for air intake and exhale. The temperature itself rises and you may hear the popping sound. We recommend that you place the TV where it can easily get ventilated. Don’t place it near other electronic devices. Ensure there is enough space for ventilation.


Ensure there are no heating or air conditioning vents pointing directly at the TV.

  • Rapid or sudden change in temperature will cause the TV to expand or contract faster which might result in the popping sound being produced. 


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