Android TV: what is Fast Boot and do I need it?

Fast Boot allows the TV to boot up the Operating System and startup software almost instantly. This allows the user to skip through the usual start-up process that takes about 2-5 minutes and power up the TV within a few seconds. By enabling fast boot, when the user shuts down the TV, it will be put into standby mode instead of a complete power down.  

We will still recommend the user to completely power down the TV at least once a week to allow the TV to clear off any running apps and release memory from the RAM (Random Access Memory).
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On the Home page, navigate to and click on Settings ( icon on the top right of the page)


Once Fast Boot has been enabled, each time the TV is powered off, it will enter Standby mode instead of a complete power down. To completely power down the TV when Fast Boot is enabled, long-press the Power button on the remote control and select Yes.

Power Saving

Do note that due to Google's power-saving feature, the TV will shut down completely after being left idle for 4 hours on standby mode.

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