FAQs on iQIYI Premium Subscription Trial


Q: I am eligible for the free iQIYI subscription. However my TV has been delivered and I did not receive any code to redeem the free trial.

The code will be sent via SMS. If you did not receive any SMS on the free iQIYI code, kindly get in touch with our friendly customer support team via submitting an online enquiry.


Q: I have entered the redemption code but the error message shown is "Sorry, this activation code cannot be used on the current platform".

First, try redeeming from another platform. For instance if you tried to redeem using your phone, try to redeem from web browser instead (or vice versa).

If you are still having the error that "cannot be used on current platform", kindly be advised to submit a request to iQIYI team via this link for further assistance.



Q: How do I know when is the expiry of the free trial?

After you have logged in to your account, you can mouse over your account at the top right hand corner and the expiry date will be stated.

Alternatively, it will also be shown under "My Account".




Q: Will I be charged automatically once the free trial ends?

If you had activated the free premium subscription via our code redemption and did not activate auto renewal, there will not be any amount deducted after the VIP privileges expire.

You can check on the "auto renewal" status under "My Account" > "Account and security" > "Manage Subscription"





Q: On what devices can I access iQIYI?

Apart from the website www.iq.com, you can also access iQIYI on mobile, TV and iPad.

  • Mobile: You can search iQIYI to download the mobile version of the App in App Store/Google Play to use;
  • TV: Open the iQIYI icon on the TV desktop or search iQIYI and download the TV version of the App in App Store;
  • iPad: Please search iQIYI and download the App in App Store to use; it is the same version as the one on mobile. 


Q: I have activated the premium subscription successfully. However after logging in, the VIP content is not available.

Kindly assist to check if you have signed in using the same email address that was used for the subscription redemption.

If yes, kindly submit a support ticket to iQIYI team here since the premium subscription has been activated.


For steps on how to activate the iQIYI Premium Subscription, more information can be found here.

Alternatively if you have further questions, please visit iQIYI FAQ page.

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