Soundbar: What is HDMI Passthrough and how to set it up?

Your Symphony soundbar is capable of HDMI Passthrough. HDMI Passthrough send video and audio signals from a HDMI source such as a Blu-ray player, HD Set Top Box or game console to the soundbar via a HDMI cable. The soundbar plays the audio from the HD source through its own speakers and sends the unaltered video signal to a TV via a second HDMI cable. 

Follow the illustrations below to setup HDMI Passthrough on your Symphony soundbar:



Once the setup is done, press the mceclip0.pngbutton repeatedly on the soundbar or the mceclip2.png"SOURCE" button on the soundbar remote control to navigate to either HDMI IN 1 or HDMI IN 2.

On the TV, using the TV remote control change the Source/Input to the HDMI input that the soundbar is connected to.

Do note that only 1 HDMI input is usable at a time.

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