Identifying what ports a laptop have for displaying to an external monitor?


Port Type Associated Symbols Image of Ports Display Support
USB2.0 mceclip0.pngmceclip1.png mceclip11.png No
USB3.1 Gen 1 mceclip2.pngmceclip3.png mceclip12.png No
USB3.1 Gen 2 mceclip4.pngmceclip5.png mceclip17.pngmceclip18.png No
Thunderbolt 2 mceclip6.png mceclip19.png Yes
Thunderbolt 3 mceclip6.png mceclip21.png Yes
Thunderbolt 4 mceclip6.png mceclip21.png Yes
Mini DisplayPort Screenshot_2022-03-15_at_1.17.26_PM.pngmceclip9.png mceclip14.png Yes
DisplayPort mceclip9.png mceclip16.pngmceclip15.png Yes
Mini HDMI mceclip10.png mceclip22.png Yes
HDMI mceclip10.png mceclip13.png Yes


Do note different manufacturers of laptop might have different standards with regard to the version of ports used. The above chart is not indicative whether the laptop will be able to run on higher refresh rates with our monitors.

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