Soundbar: Why is there no audio emitting from the soundbar?

If you've connected your soundbar to your TV, game console, etc. but it is not emitting audio, below are some basic troubleshooting steps you may try.

  1. Ensure the soundbar is on.
  2. Ensure the soundbar is not muted.
  3. Ensure the cable used is working and properly connected.
  4. Ensure the soundbar is set to the relevant source (Aux, Optical, Coaxial, HDMI ARC, USB, and BT (Bluetooth)).
  5. If the soundbar is connected to your TV via HDMI, the cable must be connected to the soundbar and TV's HDMI ARC port. If your TV is not HDMI ARC-compliant, you can also connect the soundbar via Optical, Coaxial, or Bluetooth
  6. Check the audio settings of the input source (TV, game console, etc.)
  7. HDMI ARC - Must be on. Some HDMI ARC-compliant TVs will have ARC inbuilt but some will need to be turned on via the TV settings.
  8. SPDIF- The audio setting must be set to PCM or Auto.

Important Note

The unit may not be able to decode all digital audio formats from the input source. In this case, the unit will mute. This is NOT a defect. Ensure that the audio setting of the input source is set to PCM, Dolby Digital, or Auto. Refer to the user manual of the input source device for its audio setting details with HDMI / Optical / Coaxial input.

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