Android TV: Why is my remote control not working?


There are a few reasons the remote control is not working as intended. You can perform some simple troubleshooting to resolve the issue and avoid the hassles of making a trip to our service center. This will also help us in identifying the root cause of the issue and better assist you in resolving it. 

1. Replace existing batteries with a new fresh set of batteries 

  • Slide down the battery compartment cover at the back of the remote control
  • Take out the existing batteries
  • Insert 2 new AAA size batteries in the compartment. Note: Ensure the +/- markings on the battery matches the markings inside the compartment. 


2. Pair The Remote Control 

  • Turn on the television 
  • Press & hold "Home" and "Left arrow button" simultaneously until there is a green flashing light on the indicator 


  • When the indicator starts flashing green light, press "Google Assistant" button to start the pairing. Once the pairing is done, there will be a notification on the TV indicating "Succeed" and a green indicator light will flash whenever a button is pressed.


3. Check the TV's rocker button 

    • Check if the rocker button is able to power On/Off or navigate the TV. This will help to identify if the issue lies with the TV or remote control
    • Rocker button typically can be found at the bottom left (while facing the front of TV for all Android TV except Q32) or at the middle underside of the TV (Q32).
Alpha OLED Series Q-Series (Except Q32) Q32
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