Smart TV (E-Series): Why is my remote control not working?


There are a few reasons the remote control is not working as intended. You can perform some simple troubleshooting to resolve the issue and avoid the hassles of making a trip to our service center.  This will also help us in identifying the root cause of the issue and better assist you in resolving it.

Replace existing batteries with a fresh new set of batteries. 

    • Slide down the battery compartment cover at the back of the remote control
    • Take out the existing batteries
    • Insert 2 new AAA size batteries in the compartment. Note: Ensure the +/- markings on the battery matches the markings inside the compartment.


Ensure there is nothing blocking the TV's sensor.

  • Remove any objects in front that could be blocking or interfering with the TV's infrared sensor.


Check the TV's rocker button.

    • Check if the rocker button is able to power On/Off or navigate the TV. This will help to identify if the issue lies with the TV or remote control.
    • The rocker button can be found at the back (bottom right while facing the front of the TV).


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