Soundbar: Why is the remote not working?

There are a few reasons the remote control is not working as intended. You can perform some simple troubleshooting to resolve the issue and avoid the hassles of making a trip to our service center.  This will also help us in identifying the root cause of the issue and better assist you in resolving it. 

1. Replace existing batteries with a fresh new set of batteries. 

  • Press and slide the back cover to access the battery compartment


  • Remove the existing batteries and insert 2 fresh AAA size batteries. Make sure the (+) and (-) ends of the batteries match the (+) and (-) ends indicated in the battery compartment


  • Close the battery compartment cover


2. Ensure there is nothing blocking the soundbar's sensor. 

  • Remove any objects in front that could be blocking or interfering with the soundbar's sensor.

Front View



Front View


3. Check the soundbar's buttons. 

Check if the buttons are working as intended. This will help to identify if the issue lies with the soundbar or the remote control. These buttons are located on the soundbar.


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