Soundbar: Why am I not getting Dolby Atmos on Symphony, Ripple or Rythm?

Dolby Atmos gives you an immersive listening experience by delivering sound in three-dimensional space, and all the richness, clarity, and power of Dolby sound. Your soundbar (except Flow) comes certified with Dolby Atmos. To enable this feature, there are a few conditions to fulfil.

To enable Dolby Atmos on the soundbar:

  • Ensure the soundbar is connected to the input source via HDMI ARC/eARC. Other connections will not be able to support Dolby Atmos.
  • Ensure the content being played in the streaming app supports Dolby Atmos. Eg. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc. (Local channels and YouTube do not support Dolby Atmos). Do note that some streaming apps require users to subscribe to a selected plan to enjoy Dolby Atmos.

Please click here for more information regarding Dolby Atmos

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