meWATCH Prime Subscription FAQ


Q: I am eligible for the free meWATCH subscription. However my TV has been delivered and I did not receive any code to redeem the free trial.

The code will be sent via SMS. If you did not receive any SMS on the free meWATCH code, kindly get in touch with our friendly customer support team via submitting an online enquiry.


Q: I have an active meWATCH Prime monthly subscription, how should I redeem?

Please remember to cancel the monthly recurring plan before activating the free 1 Year Subscription.

For more information on how to cancel or unsubscribe your existing plan, please click here.


Q: I have tried to redeem with the code provided, however error message prompts that "Promotion code not valid".

Kindly note that the code is case-sensitive and also to take note as certain characters may appear similar (for e.g. uppercase "O" and number "0", as well as uppercase "I" for India and lowercase "l" for London).

If you still encounter issues redeeming the code after checking for the above, please do contact our friendly customer support team via submitting an online enquiry.



Q: Will I be charged automatically once the free trial ends?

Fret not! As this is a complimentary subscription, it will not be auto-renewed. No actions are required at your end as this plan will automatically lapse once the 1 year period is up.



For steps on how to activate the meWATCH Prime Subscription, more information can be found here.


Alternatively if you have further questions on using meWATCH, please visit meWATCH FAQ page.

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