Soundbar: Subwoofer Connection Dropping Out

PRISM+ Soundbars comes bundled with an external wireless subwoofer to provide the most immersive audio experience while offering the flexibility of subwoofer placement. Traditional soundbars that uses wired subwoofer will restrict the placement of the subwoofer to be within the range of the physical cable, and would leave an unsightly cable in your setup.

Our subwoofers uses the global Short Range Device (SRD) wireless standard which offers industry leading wireless range while delivering the best signal quality. This standard is used throughout the consumer electronics industry and other soundbars since it provides a stable communications channel while delivering optimum audio quality.

However, because the SRD operates on the 2.4Ghz it is susceptible to external devices which uses the same frequency such as a WiFi router, interference may cause some sound interruption or connection issues with the subwoofer.


Optimum Soundbar and Subwoofer Placement

In order to ensure the optimum performance of PRISM+ Soundbars with the wireless subwoofer:

  • Ensure that distance between soundbar and subwoofer is less than 6meters apart, and there are not physical obstructions between the 2 devices such as walls or large metallic objects
  • Ensure that there are no WiFi Routers within 2 meters of the soundbar

You may refer to the diagram below for a reference for optimum placement.

  Manual Pairing

You may need to re initiate the pairing process between the soundbar and subwoofer if it loses connection due to interference. Click here for information on how to pair the subwoofer with the soundbar.

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