Why isn't my TV displaying 4k resolution?

Are you watching local channels with Prism+ television but realized that it is not sharp?

The Prism+ E43, E55, and E65 smart TVs are televisions that have 4k native display resolution.

That would mean that if your source video/content has a sharp, 4k resolution, you should see clear and crisp images on your TV since it will display the appropriate resolution out.

However, local channels are not recorded/filmed in 4k resolution, rather, they are recorded in 720p (HD). Hence, it won't be possible to upscale the TV display to 4k resolution if you are just watching local channels and in turn, this makes the channels seem blurry.

Do note that it is normal since you can only fully maximize your display's usage of 4k resolution if the source material (photo/video) displayed is capable of supporting it in the first place. 

How can you confirm that the television can display 4k resolution?

You may head to Youtube to search for a 4k video to experience and confirm the clarity of the television. If you're commonly using Netflix, please note that your Netflix subscription would require a premium plan to fully utilize the 4k sharpness of Prism+'s television. 

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