Why am I unable to connect the E-Series TV to my WiFi?

Our E series TV are only able to connect to 2.4gHz bandwidth WiFi connections. Some routers are capable of splitting the bandwidths, allowing different IP and passwords. Some IP address can also be hidden, so if you cannot find your router, please key in the IP address manually instead.

If unsure, please check with your internet service provider.

A quick and easy way to test if the WiFi problems are originating from the TV would be to turn on the hotspot from your mobile phone and connect the TV using the phone.

If the TV is able to connect to the hotspot, but not to the WiFi, please reset the router and the TV by turning off the power, unplugging the power supply and allowing the equipment to rest for a 3 minutes before turning it on again. You should attempt to connect again from there.

If you are able to connect to your hotspot successfully it shows that our WiFi receiver does not have any issue, hence it might caused by the modem/router channel compatibility issue.Therefore you may like to contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) as there might be some router/modem channel does not suit the TV itself.
Things to check with your ISP
1. Inform them that the TV maximum bandwidth is only 2.4 Ghz
2. Ask them to assist you or send a technician down to assist you on changing your router/modem channels

Do drop us an email at here if the TV is unable to connect to the mobile hotspot as well as your router.

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