Can I watch meWATCH/Toggle on my E-series PRISM+ TV?

meWATCH app is not available for download in the E-Series (E32, E43, E55, and E65) Smart TV.

The web browser of the E-series TV does not have the plugins to view the content meWATCH published.

However, there are ways around this. You could:

  • Use PRISM+ TV as a display for your laptop to watch meWATCH. All you will need to do is to connect it via the HDMI cable. 
  • Use the Miracast function to stream meWATCH from your phone to the TV. The device must support Miracast and connect to the same WiFi bandwidth. Please check with your device manufacturer to find out if Miracast is supported. *Older devices with Miracast might not be supported. 
    1. Ensure the TV is on Screencast Mode. 
    2. Using your phone's built-in Miracast feature, mirror your phone screen to the TV. Please take note Miracast or screen mirroring might be named differently depending on the device manufacturer. Please check with your device manufacturer for more information. 
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